Back To The 80’s – Sunday 22nd August

Back to the 80’s – Music video show featuring a live 5 piece band. Free entry

Back when the video was the latest craze and MTV was the coolest thing on TV. Back to the days when music was original and the videos of the time were as amazing and creative as the songs you loved!

BACK TO THE 80’S takes you back to the 80’s with a totally NEW and ORIGINAL show, showcasing the BEST songs of the 80’s which includes, Cindy Lauper, Wham, Madonna, B52’s, ABC, Blondie, Prince, Cher, Kim Wilde, The Proclaimers, Whitney Houston, The Pointer Sisters and Rock Gods like INXS, AC/Dc, Joan Jett, Choir Boys……and the list goes on.

Featuring the dynamic Vocals upfront of the gorgeous Anita Fischer alongside the charismatic and cheeky Greg Giancotti and backed by a talented line up and musicians who have lived, breathed, and rocked the 80’s like no other!!

Not to mention, the sweet and strong full 3-part harmonies with the addition of Will Syska to the 3-part Vocal line-up.

BACK TO THE 80’S will not only give you the best 80’s music show around, it is backed up by the brilliant fully synced video show in perfect time with the live 5-piece band adding to your day to remember!

The fun is back! With all that was the best about the 80’s.