Soul, Rhythm & Blues Review – Sunday 20th June

A non-stop hit factory featuring the best soul and blues hits of all time from bands such as Nina Simone – Commitments – Eric Clapton – Joe Cocker – Muddy Waters – Van Morrison – Creedence – Otis Reading – Ray Charles – BB King – Louis Armstrong – Johnny Cash – Doors – ZZ Top and many more!

A band with character is hard come by these days, and The Soul Men – Soul, Rhythm and Blues Revue rekindle the spirit of true showmanship and embody the essence of the old bluesmen.

Dressed to impress, rehearsed to a tee and built on years of experience, this act provides a first-class experience of classic Soul and R&B songs filled with sing-a-long choruses and infectious dance steps.

This 7-piece band brings vigour to every note they play and can arouse even the most apathetic youths to move to the music they were conceived to. “We’re a not just a band, we’re a show,” Greg Hill, lead vocalist testifies, “We’re here to make people dance again.” The Soul Men – Soul, Rhythm and Blues Revue are bringing back entertainment, so rather than a room full of people staring at their phones, we have a full dance floor, a busy bar and an atmosphere of goodwill and good times.

The Soul Men – Soul, Rhythm and Blues Revue are here to turn an ordinary afternoon into a simply unforgettable one. Guaranteed to get you moving!

FREE SHOW – 2pm – 5.30pm!